Oct 31, 2018 · To cover gaps in images, remove unwanted elements or fix overlap areas in the source photogrammetry images, realityvirtual.co infilled these areas using elements from the surrounding environment by leveraging a new AI-based method for Image InPainting developed by NVIDIA Research and available to software developers soon through the NVIDIA NGX .... "/>

Resources. The NGC catalog offers step-by-step instructions and scripts for creating deep learning models, with sample performance and accuracy metrics to compare your results. These scripts provide expert guidance on building DL models for image classification, language translation, text-to-speech and more. NVIDIA. @nvidia. ·. Jul 26. Our body of work spans across industries and technologies. We brought new levels of realism to the world’s best-selling video game—Minecraft. And introduced how our Earth-2 supercomputer will predict weather decades out. Learn more about the #NVIDIAstory: nvda.ws/3yFTq88. [P] Nvidia releases web app for GauGAN2, which generates landscape images via text description, inpainting, sketch, object type segmentation map, and style image Project GauGAN2 blog post ..

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